Who are these guyz?

Hola Amigos!

We are Arica and Kisan, originally from Nepal and currently living United States.

We are not professional travel bloggers or photographers. No, we did not leave our 9-5 job to follow our dreams and travel the world. We have hardly visited 5 countries so far and around 12 states in the US by end of 2020.

We are just regular computer programmers who spend almost 11 months working our a** off. We only have around 5 weeks of vacation and some short vacations for long weekends. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to “work from home” 😉 so we run off to find wooden desks hidden behind trees and blue sky.

But Why License To Chill?

Very few people live a life where all they do is travel like World travelers, van dwellers, digital nomads, and so on.

But just like most of the people in corporate jobs or someone who may be working in a restaurant or say students, we either don’t have enough money or enough time or both to travel. For us as well, 6 to 7 weeks is our time when we get our “License to Chill”. We saw this phrase printed in some nice framed picture on the wall of one hotel we were staying in and we stole it.

Why we started this blog?

We try to make the best out of every trip, given the time we have. We often find ourselves putting several hours even days and weeks while planning to travel somewhere, especially international trips. We get a lot of ideas from other bloggers who share their experiences and guides. So we thought, why not share this with everyone. This idea of sharing with you all gave us a sense of peace and inner joy that we hardly experience in our daily life while gazing at our computers working in isolation.

Our Mission?

By sharing our journey, time and energy we put into researching new places, lessons learned, we want to be able to save some of your time and energy so you make most of your limited vacation with less money and better travel memories to cherish for life.

P.S. We also want to listen to you and learn from your experience. So don’t forget to leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.